Saturday 11th February – The Trad Academy

4.30 – 6pm

Entry by donations

The Russet, Hackney Downs Studios, Amhurst Terrace


Back in our regular home this week at The Russet, is proud to announce another new and exciting venture – The Trad Academy with Nick Hart

The Trad Academy is a new project which aims to serve as a pain-free introduction to the world of traditional dance music. Every Saturday from 4.30-6.00, a group of us, lead by Nick Hart, will work through some traditional (mainly English) tunes, whilst looking at some of the trickier aspects of this music such as timing, phrasing and playing for dance.

Nick Hart plays melodeon and MacCann duet concertina, as well as border pipes, clarinet, whistles, bones, tambourine, tenor guitar and a whole host of other instrumentsf. As an instrumentalist he has played extensively for dancing, including Morris, English Country Dancing and French Couple Dances.

The Trad Academy will run from 4.30-6pm in The Russet on a donations basis and has been designed for musicians who already play their instrument but wish to gain a foundation in the traditional music of Great Britain. Recordings of our first two tunes are linked on the Facebook page.


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