THE CIDER SESSIONS – Ed Hicks & Jerry Bloom + friends

Saturday 21st Jan 2011
Free entry


The Russet Cafe, Amhurst Terrace, E8 2BT

Beneath the railway tracks, in the asphalt underbelly of Hackney, a new creature stirs. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you, the Cider Sessions.

The Russet is the fabulous new cafe just opened at Hackney Downs Studios, a gastronomic treasure trove of locally sourced (and truly delicious) food, traditional ciders and ales and all things yummy for your tummy.

Every Saturday we’ll be taking a delightful stroll across Hackney Downs and setting up camp at the cafe for a musical marathon. Join us on 21st for our very first session curated by those legends of the old-time scene, Ed Hicks and Jerry Bloom. Expect banjos, fiddles, double bass and a whole evening of tunes to tap your toes to.

It’s free entry, but in accordance with that age-old tradition, there’ll be a buskers hat passed around so you can show the musicians just how bloody brilliant you think they are.

See you Saturday xx


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