Friday 16th December – A Goodtime Family Affair

8pm – 11.30pm (after party tbc)

£6 on the door (including £1 membership fee)

Upstairs in the louche lounge, Hackney USC, 69 Powerscroft Road E5 0LP


Now, this isn’t strictly a Rabbit Hole event, but our very own Rob and Rebekah will be singing strumming and plucking their little hearts out as one third of Hackney’s very own skiffle sensation – The Goodtime Family, so it would be great to see some rabbitholers there, clappin’ and a-stampin’.

That’s right, ALL the vocals, Dobro, Mouth Harp, Squeezebox, two Banjos and the Washtub Bull Bass in any given combination, not to mention solo sets from Brother Willie, Sister Gwennie, Cousin Boxcar and more… we also heard a rumour about fried chicken, just like my mamma used to make… we know its a lot on the door (entry includes membership to the working men’s club) but we’ll make it worthwhile way into the wee small hours. Keeping Clapton warm this Christmass…

£6 entry includes membership to the Hackney USC (£5 for current members)
Beers are cheaper than they were when I was a wee whipper-snapper doing the naughty in the underage bars, and really tasty too…

Come early, drink your money’s worth, grub up, get the full Goodtime experience and if you’re really sweet, the Family’ll let you in on the afterparty…


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