Doors 8pm-11.30pm

Live Music 9pm-midnight


@ The Old Boys Club, Dalston


This week The Rabbit Hole steps down a gear as we recover from the last two months of intense party – instead of a whole gaggle of great evenings, we bring you one golden goose of a good old time in one of our new homes, the Old Boys Club in Dalston. Here’s what’s cookin’:

Have you ever wished your life was lived in black and white, that you could spend your evenings hidden away in a speak easy, sipping wine served by a surly bowtied bartender beneath the glow of a chandelier, while serenaded by jazz musicians of the highest quality and saturnine temperament?

Well follow us down the rabbit hole into the Old Boys Club, one of the most magical venues you’ll ever come across, and bring your dancing shoes – and the jazz musicians are actually really rather lovely. Our house band, led by TJ – the King of Dirty Jazz – brings you backroom swing all night, joined by guest musicians and singers, making each evening unique, unpredictable, and barrels of fun, the way live music should be. We’ll be doing this every Tuesday, so clear your diary for the next forever, and spoil yourself for one indulgent evening every week…go on, we won’t tell anyone.


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