Thursday 23rd June

Rabbit Hole

The Irreverents
Groove Asylum Escapees
The Wavytones
The Ballina Whalers

8pm – late

The Irreverents present their deep sounds from the sticky primordial soup of evolving funk as this drum-tight five-piece bounce beats off the walls and spring sweet licks off each other through some inspired improvisation.

Following swiftly on their tail are the Groove Asylum Escapees throwing off the straitjackets to reveal their true funk frenzy and highly tuned tumult.

Hailing from the ragtag musical landscape of the interwar period, from bohemian Broadway to Bright Young Britain, The Wavytones bring a jazz hop and step to the proceedings, just as The Ballina Whalers bring their oaths from the ocean, stories of the sea and beats from the blue through understated male harmonising and subtle strums.


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