Wednesday 25th May

KIN – The Skiffle Sessions
Doors 7pm, music from 8.30pm

Sleepy Slim Pickens & The Strangers
Boxcar Joe Strouzer
Rambling Willie Singerman
Gwendolen Chatfield
DJ TeaChest on the ones and twos

Bringing it back baby. That’s right! The original british sound of ripped-off american tunes played full pelt with junkstroments is here for a second coming. Boxcar Joe heads up the Juke Joint sessions down at the legendary George Tavern and blows what can only be described as a mean harp. Unless you want to call it a harmonica. Willie’s a troubadour of classic cut armed with guitar, banjo, a heart full of sorrow and a throat full of soul and the wonderful Gwennie Chatfield has an accordian stuffed full of songs from both sides of the atlantic and from her very own mind, and a voice like spring rain on a playground. Sleepy Slim needs no introduction. And expect loads more music from our incredible roster of guest musicians.
We’ll break out the stick bass and snare brushes if you bring down the FUN


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