Thursday 26th May

7pm – late, music from 8.30pm

Mr Ron Jetson
Folie Ordinaire
Super Best Friends Club
Dj – Horgai (UBERTown)

BRING RADIATION GOGGLES. Things are about to change. When we looked around we got the distinct feeling that gigs weren’t supposed to be this good. Then we remembered, this isn’t a gig, its an explosion that will shake the very core of our sick and tainted society. This is the shit that will save us.

Mr Ron Jetson – herald of the new age, Mr Ron is like Sesame Street made whole. In parts demented pop, in others proggy, always the brightest shades and bounce.

Folie Ordinaire – Like the rapture in Studio 54 on buckets of speed and good times, this is glitter soaked disco glam filth for the fattest dancefloors. Don’t stop.

Super Best Friends Club – Like a party in the dream next to you as you sleep. Light, intricate, funky happy music. Totally transpersonal experience music. There is no way to explain this.

And UBERTown resident Horgai reaching a bared arm deep into a bucket of juicy funk to find the really gloopy shit at the bottom. Bring boots to wade through it. Ugh.


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