11th – 15th May 2011

KIN http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=123066211105605

Weds 11th May £3

Doors 7pm Music from 8.30 – Late
In advance of our upcoming tuesday night jazz explosions, TJ Johnson and his rag-taggle bag of bar-busting jazz cronies crowd round the baby grand for a history lesson in down and dirty dancefloor swing, and later in the evening we’ll sweep the broken bottles and barstools from the stage and lay down a red carpet for the wonderful Gertie & Her Gaeity, a cartoon in technicolor cabaret showreel of a set.

Thurs 12th £5
Doors 7pm Music from 8.30 – Late
Georgina Leach
Dance from Franni Donohoe
DJs Dr Malaka (BalkanBeats London) & Bang Crosby (Pandemonium Circus)
Unleash the Accordians! Strip the muzzles from your Fiddles and loosen the restraints on your ravenous dancing shoes. This promises to be a gypsy sunburst of a night. Nightmareish cabaret from legends the Bohemianauts and absinthe-soaked upstarts the Vamp, demon-baiting fiddle fireworks from Georgina Leach and summoners of the spirits Whiskey Moon Face romp and roll their way through a veritable seance of late-night salon entertainments. Once your night-creatures are released the eminent Dr Malaka and sinister Bang Crosby will whip them into an exorcism frenzy on the dancefloor.

Sun 15th May £3
Doors 7pm Music from 8.30 – Late
Dolly May
Dakota Jim’s Rollercoaster Revue
Another week gone by… see it out in style at the biggest living room in London Fields with the beautiful Dolly May, Blackberry Wood, and an overstuffed roast evening of acts hosted by our very own Dakota Jim Ydstie – expect more music per minute than your average barn-dance and a choice of three dancefloors. There will be food yet again from the acknowledged faces of Clapton Gentrification, What The Dickens? for less than a chimney-sweep’s weekly, and we’ll make sure its dark enough that you all look great.

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