20th-24th April

We gots some fabulouses coming up for you this week. Take a look:

Wednesday 20th – KIN



This Wednesday at The New Empowering Church, we bring you a triple bill of sonic sumptuousness that will excite you in ways it really shouldn’t.

As twilight settles on London Fields, the sandpaper smooth Mark Woods of Junkyard Choir will sing-in the evening with his gutsome blend of bluesy ballads and folk that rocks and rolls like flowers wrestling to the death.

Then, feel your heart skip to the beat as Apple of My Eye reach out a hand and with a winning smile, ask you to dance. The most delicious proposition at the barn dance, their skiffling rhythms and the lyrical loveliness of Ellie Rusbridge are enough to charm your cheeks off.

Finally, we have the absolute pleasure of having our stage graced by the stunningly symphonically sultry soul of mister Sam Lee, and his band of merry melody masters. One half of the magnificent Magpies Nest, Sam sings the songs that were born before humans evolved to sing them, accompanied by a small army of the most innovative, adventurous and just pure brilliant musicians this city is home too. I actually can’t describe it, you simply must come and hear it for yourself. Like psychedelics for the ears, music will never quite sound the same again.

And all of this for just £3 (all of which goes to the musicians who make the magic). Come and join us from 8pm in our living room away from living rooms, grab a drink and pull up a couch for a midweek musical massage.

Thursday 21st April – Ubertown



Kicking off the Easter weekend with a night of live music and raising money for our Nowhere theme camp (www.goingnowhere.org).

Straight off the success of running what some were calling the Vibesiest room at Rumpus 4 Spring Ball, Ubertown is throwing it’s own dedicated fundraiser.

After our last fundraiser sold out, we’ve moved to a significantly larger, professional venue to accommodate you all. So there will be a paying bar and all that jazz.

And yes, it’s a Thursday night party, but it’s the day before a 4 day weekend, so it’s basically a Friday for most of you 9-5’ers. Plus we’ve been given permission to run a lot later than would normally be allowed (but keep that on the down low, eh?).

We’ll have bands, DJs, walk about performers and we will be road testing our new theme for Nowhere 2011 – Ubertown’s Uber-State: The People’s Party.

Confirmed acts –

** FRANCOBOLLO http://www.myspace.com/francobollomusic **

** I AM FYA http://www.facebook.com/iamfya **

** TNISHA J confirmed for another enigmatic acoustic solo set **

** THE COMMON http://soundcloud.com/the-common-1 **

** HORGAI’s live experimental electro warbling **

** OSHJ’s glitchhop interluding **

** BOW STREET BASTARDS The Badical’s DJing alter egos **

Doors open from 8pm til 11pm, party til late.

It’s £5 entry, reasonable drinks prices, the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting Ubertown’s neo-communist domination of Nowhere 2011.

Speaking of which, here’s a little run down of what to expect from Ubertown this summer (and to let you know what you’ll be supporting):

Giant scaf towerer, projection mapped, party arena
10m geo-dome chill out space
a giant hammock (and we mean GIANT HAMMOCK)
and….. *drum roll* …. a swimming pool – yes, they said it couldn’t be done but we’re doing it anyway! A fully filtered (and woefully un-funded) swimming pool, to cool off during those hot afternoons!
plus the usual well stocked bar, live bands, amazing djs, etc

Hell, if we make enough money, we may even be convinced into bringing the Ball Pool out for yet another year…

Those that can’t make it but would like to support us rocking your world at Nowhere this year, feel free to send paypal donations to forrester79@yahoo.com. Who knows, it may even buy you special pool privileges!

See you there?

See you there.

Sunday 24th April – Sunday Best



It’s Easter Sunday, so in celebration of spring being well and truly sprung, Sunday Best is getting all comfy and cuddled up for an evening of storytelling. As usual, we’ll put on a specially picked surprise film at 6pm. Then from 8pm we’re excited to have three of Hackney’s most captivating yarn-spinners, telling us tales of time and beginnings and how what became why.

As stories are to the soul, so music is for the mind (there’s a prize if you can tell me who that’s a great big hairy misquote of) – so prepare to have your grey matter reinvigorated into next week by the riot raising feet funking heart happying gloriousness that is, the Dakota Jim Band. Our resident bearded bass bard will be joined by a special guest line-up of vagabonds and troubadours, singing out the weekend in style. Or rather styles. All of them. Blues, jazz, swing, country, folk, with a sprinkling of rock and roll and a dollop of soul. Silky sassy, like honey with the bee sting left in it.

Come on now kids, it’s Sunday, and Easter Sunday at that. Where else would you possibly want to be but Church?


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